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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pinoy Jeepneys

JEEPNEYS are popular modes
of public transport in the Philippines.

Once dubbed as the
"King of Philippine Roads"
by the masses.

The term 'jeepney' was coined from the words jeep and jitney.
You can say it as Dyip (jeep) in Filipino language.
It is also known for its flamboyant accessories
and vibrant designs painted on its main body as the canvass.  

The history of jeepneys dates back when American troops started to leave the country after World War II. Hundreds of jeeps were sold or given to local Filipinos who refurbished military jeeps to accommodate
more passengers and made it more comfortable by adding metal roofs for shade.

It is a showcase of Filipino talent, creativity and innovativeness at that time. Who would forget the ingenuity of some jeepney manufacturers like Malagueña and Sarao Motors?

Most common in jeepneys are the themes in their designs, from superheroes, 
famous athletes, advertisements to religious items. With hood ornaments like roosters, Philippine eagles, horses and carabaos.

Although, jeepneys seem to be a bit crowded, one can witness different Filipino traits while riding inside a jeepney like being respectful, polite, helpful, thoughtful, generous, and most of all, showcasing our Pinoy religiosity and humor.


The men or younger ones tend to give their own seat or space to an elderly and women. Many will provide assistance if a certain passenger has bulks and loads of stuff to bring in to the jeepney, we call it Bayanihan spirit. One can pass along his / her fare and another would gladly pass it onto the driver or conductor. Sometimes if a person would not know where to go, and the driver does not know where the place either, one can offer correct directions and faster ways to get to a place immediately.

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Airconditioned Jeepney Tours

Cebu version

Iloilo version


Jeepney with seats facing infront, used also for tourists at Nayong Pilipino

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Jeepney scale model

Jeepney Lego

Jeepney Transformer robot

Jeepney papercraft

Oil painting by Alfredo Esquillo Jr.

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